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“ I’ve got news for you…there is no 
. It’s up to us.”

- Tom Mboya, Kenyan Freedom fighter 


Meet our Fellows

Our Fellows lead change in government, civil society, and the private sector, and collaborate for sustained impact. Learn about the proximate leaders Metis supports and their pioneering work

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Cohort 7

Alfred Opio

EdTech for Foundational and Numeracy Skills in Children

Beatrice Imbaya

Holistic Early Childhood Development

Charles Obore

Education through Sports

Dominic Kioko

Climate Resilience Curriculum for Schools

Eveline Mghendi

Digital Literacy for Teachers

Fiona Oroma

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)

Jane Gitau

Upskilling Vulnerable Girls

June Omune

Inclusive Communities for Children with Disabilities

Mary Atieno

Upcycling Food Waste for Climate Resilience

Meshack Kawinzi

Climate Resilience for Women Employability

Redempta Kinyaka

Accessible Digital Literacy Training

Susan Wakhaya

Youth for Renewable Energy

Alfred Sigo

Quality Health and Education for Marginalized Youth

Beldina Onyango

Employability for Marginalized Women

Damaris Kariuki

Entrepreneurial Skills and Psychosocial Support for Teenage Mothers

Emmanuel Ssekitto

Design for Change

Faith Muisyo

Teacher Training

Gloria Njoki

Foundational Skills for the Hearing Impaired

Jillo Duba

Women's Rights Awareness

Kagweru Njoroge

Accessible Digital Learning Materials

Mary Kang'ethe

Integration of climate change resilience in curriculum teachers

Muganyizi Melchior

Entrepreneurial Skills for Girls and Women

Seleyian Partoip

Climate Resilience Awareness for Girls

Zipporah Nyangara

Entrepreneurial Skills for women

Baraka Kilonzo

Technology for Climate Resilience

Benson Abila

Employability through Waste Management

Dennis Moogi

Inclusive Learning for Children with Disabilities

Emmy Zoomlamai

Foundational Learning for Marginalized children

Faith Mutwiri

Creative Arts for Shifting Gender Norms

Grace Irungu

Coding for Girls

Joan Kinyanjui

Holistic Environmental Curriculum

Mark Laichena

Support for Vulnerable Populations

Mercy Wambui

Localized Climate Change Curriculum

Pauline Juma

Protection for SGBV survivors

Selline Ouma

Sports for Girls Empowerment

Cohort 6

Alice Awinja

Stem and mentorship for girls

Anthony Ndungu

Blended learning in Kenyan schools

Catherine Maina

Recycling for sustainable future

Jackline Edung

Climate resilience through youth leadership

Judith Akoth

Quality education for marginalised children

Kazi Mghendi

Schools as centres for creating positive transformation

Mary Asiko

Access to learning resources for all children

Nelius njoroge

Caregiver engagement in ECD education

Phyillis Munyi

Learning for dyslexic children

Rose Thuku

Skills building for inmates

Sheena Shah

Permaculture and climate change adaptation

Smirti Sharma

Mindfulness and the environment

William Nguru

Edtech for teacher development

Alvin Kiiru

Sustainable agriculture for communities

Beatrice Thinwa

Technology for quality education

Danielle Ocheing

Literacy skills through play based learning

Jane Nyaga

Learner-centered curricula

Judy Manene

Education opportunities for girls

Khadija Ali

Training and empowerment of ECD teachers

Mary Wambugu

Teacher development through mentorship

Nyokabi Ngari

Inclusive spaces for women and girls

Rayrus Micah

Blended learning supported by teachers

Samuel Binja

Quality education for refugee children

Sheila Mbiru

Teacher training for climate education

Vincent Ogutu

Inclusive ECD education

Amisa Rashid

Community resilience through mental health intervention

Catherine Wanjiku

Accessible and inclusive education for all

Jacinta Pamita

Climate resilience education in foundational learning

Jedidah Lemaron

Gender justice for Maasai girls

Karen Chepkurui

Stem and mentorship for girls

Margaret Kirimu

Teacher development

Mercy Kasiti

Teacher development

Penina Wanyonyi

Technology for experiential learning

Rebecca Akinyi

Emotional support for teachers

Sharon Chepkemoi

STEM education

Simon Wamu

Teaching at the right level

Vivian Sutter

Agroforestry curriculum integration

Cohort 5

AnnRita Njiru

Edtech for mental wellness and academic performance

Aaga Mitoko

Early Intervention of Visual Impairement in Schools

Daniel Chege

Access to Educational Resources for the Disabled

Winifred Likhayo

Equal Access to Music Education for Better Mental Health

Alphonse Mutua

Access To Education Materials Through Tech

Danson Warui

Access To Educational Resources For Low Income Households

Dommy Odhiambo

Leisure Reading Libraries

Francisca Muema

Caregiver Advocacy for Quality Education

Hebron Mwagodi

Helping Caregivers Support Children’s Learning

Dickson Karanja

Inspiring Youth Through Digital Literacy

Alfayo Wamburi

Sexual Health Awareness Through Peer Education

Peter Karanja

Harnessing Full Potential of Special Needs Children

Lilly Oyare

Inclusive Early Childhood Development

Olive Mbuthia

Curriculum Development For Integrity

Elishibah Poriot

Lifeskills for Purposeful Living

Lydia Matioli

Sexual Violence Prevention

Edna Semiti

Youth Training for Employability Skills

Teresa Njue

Alternative Learning Pathways for Communities

Risper Marangu

Peri-Urban Access to High Quality Education

Kaimuri Karauki

Empowering Caregivers With Positive Parental Skills

Irene Kigathi

Inclusion Of Learners with Developmental Disabilities

Dr. Wangari Ngugi

Supporting Research Mentorship Programs

Jeremiah Kutanya

Access To Quality Education

Semerian Sankori

Advocacy For Childrens And Women Rights

Grace Wanene

Access To Menstrual Health & Hygeine Products & Info

Martina Adega

Equal Access to Healthcare for Caregivers & Children

Marianne Wamuyu

Libraries For Creativity & Community Learning

Abdulkarim Taraja

Reintergration of School Dropouts

Cohort 4

Victor Odhiambo

Sustainable Social and Economic Opportunities for Youth in Marginalized Areas

Paul Akwabi

Incubation Hub for Youth Enterprises

Joan Watsulu

School Network Serving Rural Areas

Dr Christine Owinyi

Education For Sustainable Development

Albert Nashon

Tech Education and Mentorship

Doris Kiogora

Teacher Leadership Development

Samuel Wang'ombe

Tech Training for Government Teachers

Maxwell Fundi

Holistic Learning Through Steam Education

Hemanshi Galaiya

Stem and Leadership Education

Dennis Omolo

Teacher Development

Esther Nyauncho

Skills Development for The Workplace

Douglas Mwangi

Community Hub in Mathare

Peter Macharia

Creative Media and Technology Training Institute

Lilian Atieno

Play-Based Learning

Francis Odhiambo

Life-Skills Education Through Dance

Abdinoor Ali

Teacher Development

Kenneth Monjero

Design Thinking and Stem Education

Cohort 3

Wangari Njuru

Alumni Community Building

Lindah Cherop

Skills For Employment

Janet Kariuki

Secondary Center of Excellence

Eric Mungai

Leadership Development for Young Men

Evans Njoro

Project-Based Learning in Marginalized Communities

Mwihaki Muraguri

Storytelling for Social Change

Peter Muasya

Holistic Community Development

Lewis Otieno

Experiential Learning for Work Readiness

Evalyne Njeri

Skills Development for Youth With Disabilities

David Oginga

Holistic Community Development

Immaculate Musambai

Secondary Center of Excellence

Ruth Mugambi

Government Curriculum Reform

Mukuria Mwangi

Skills For The Green Economy

Julie Majale

Yoga for Employability

Eunice Marindany

Mentorship and Skills-Building

Carol Owala

Project-Based Learning in Marginalized Communities

Mercy Sylvia Munialo

Teacher Professional Development in Marginalized Communities

Cohort 2

Wanjira Mathai

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Rukia Sebit

Ecd Center of Excellence

DR. Nyaboke Nduati

Secondary Center of Excellence

Clara Muthoni

Ed-Tech For Literacy

Janet Mwitiki

Child Protection

Sheilah Lutta

Inclusive Education

Rose Mwende

Skills for Employment

Nuru Juma

Tech & Innovation Education for Early Primary

Clifford Oluoch

Bringing Classrooms to The Streets

Jeffrey Okoro

School Improvements in Informal Settlements

Shayur Shah

Connecting Learning + Life

Richard Bikko

Panafrican Invention Education

Lillian Wamuyu

Schools & Safe Spaces for The Marginalized

Eric Nyamwaro

Equitable Access to Stem

John Eyagi

Entrepreneurship Education

Cohort 1

Soiya Gecaga

Ecd In Low & High Income Areas

Maria Omare

Disabilities Inclusion

Dr. Maina Wagioko

Communities of Practice For Rural Teachers

Jacinta Akatsa

Govt Secondary Center For Excellence

Kenneth Okello

Communities ff Practice for Ecd Leaders

Joy Nafungo

Ecd Center for Excellence

Dr. Utheri Kanayo

Afrocentric Education

Lilian Nyaranga

Edtech for Teachers

Debborah Odenyi

Edtech for Low-Fee Schools

Esther Gacicio

Edtech In National Curriculum Reforms

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