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Jacinta Pamita

Assistant program officer Climate Change Adaptation & resilience at IMPACT

Bold Question: What if climate resilience initiatives could be infused in foundational learning at schools in Laikipia?

Path to Metis: Jacinta grew up in plains of Laikipia north, while growing up there was plenty of forest coverage in the area but overtime due to climate change, they have been prolonged cases of drought leading to loss of livestock, to her this is a big blow to livelihoods of pastoralist communities as this is the only life they know. Climate change is not a far-fetched idea to her, as she experiences its effects every day from the erratic rainfall patterns, to increased resource-based conflicts resulting from scarcity of pasture and water to lastly, reduced forest coverage due to charcoal burning practices, increased human and livestock populations. The effects have made her think of possible ways to mitigate on climate risks.

She took part in an activity through IMPACT (Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation) and partnership with like-minded organizations purchased and distributed indigenous trees to schools, to cultivate the culture of “adopt a tree initiative” with learners at primary schools in Laikipia. At Arjiju primary planted 350 indigenous tree seedlings in the school, the school is located near a community conserved forest known as Mukogodo forest. Jacinta has also been part of a program dubbed “improving learning outcomes for children in Laikipia North which has helped her Impact learners through mentorship.

She believes in Nelsons Herdson quote of “the true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit on. There is need to create young environmentalist at an early age as they will carry out climate change initiatives that could impact on future generations to come. In future envision, creating animation cartoons to show case the effects of climate change to learners, who knows maybe with METIS could collaborate with Akili Kids to have one episode of Climate change featured.

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Jacinta Pamita
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