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Strengthening the ecosystem, 
enabling collective impact 


Our collective learning and action events enable participants to problem-solve, learn, and collaborate for 
collective impact

Want to sharpen your skills in program design? Learn more about integrating play into your curriculum? Meet innovative practitioners, policy makers, and funders? Metis designs virtual and in-person opportunities to equip you with the knowledge and community you need to grow your impact.


What Participants Say 


“The people who came were really awesome. The mix of funders and practitioners was excellent! As TAF, we were able to connect with people who are interested in the work that we’re doing. It was really beneficial for The Action Foundation. Plus, the venue was awesome, the people were cool. It was a really nice vibe. I am really looking forward to next year already! ”

Maria Omare

Founder, The Action Foundation


“From a Metis event, I found a solution to one of the greatest problems facing GMin—an Edtech partner! We eventually merged with an Edtech company that has enabled us to expand the depth and breadth our work in innovation education”

Program Manager, GMin 

Richy Bikko

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