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We dream of an Africa with 
quality learning experiences for all



2023 Annual Report-Metis

Annual Report 2023

We equipped 36 fellows across East Africa, who then reached 18,352 girls under 18 years and 8,989 women above 18 years, through their innovations. 21 fellow-led site visits were conducted to facilitate learning and adoption of practices/approaches. 

2022 Annual Report-Metis

Annual Report 2022

We equipped 130 African education leaders who are transforming the Kenyan education system–by  scaling their reach from 150,000 learners in 2017 to 4,000,000 learners in 2022.

2021 Annual Report- Metis

Annual Report 2021

In 2021,78% of Metis alumni are actively innovating in education and 48% have received  funding for their work.

anual_review_2020 r.webp

Annual Report 2020

2020 was a year to remember! Our community created Home Learning Guides, enabling 135,000 students to learn from home. 


Annual Report 2019

We celebrate a year of collaborative learning and impact through our Fellowship and events.


Lessons from our pilot

We share our lessons learned and impact from piloting Metis.


Keep Kenya Learning

Keep Kenya Learning is a collaborative effort by EdTech East Africa, Metis Collective and the Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) to support parents and caregivers to lead learning at home. 

kids_education_revolution .png

Kids education revolution

Where kids unleash their potential for a better world.


Playful learning with technology

15 recommendations for introducing new models of play in under-resourced Kenyan classrooms.


ALforEducation Gathering 2021

Achieving Affordability in Education


Equipping a Movement of African Education Leaders 

We find local innovators with ideas to reimagine teaching and learning. 

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