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Dr. Wangari Ngugi

Academic Mental Health Journal Club Coordinator, Eider Africa

Bold Question: What if African scholars co-created and produced localized knowledge based on lived experiences through contextualised research mentorship programs?

Path to Metis: Wangari’s post-graduate studies were taking a toll on her. As her deadline for submission of her dissertation was fast approaching, she needed to be encouraged, comforted, understood, and quite literally, unlocked.

All this changed when she walked into a workshop at the university. Unlike any of the previous workshops she had ever attended, the chief guest caught her attention not only in her demeanour but delivery as well. For the first time in her doctorate study, she felt inspired, validated, and understood. She found a mentor

Wangari was inspired to start her innovation on mental health for fellow researchers as well. Consequently, she founded Eider Africa.

She hopes to mitigate the myriad systemic inequalities in academic research and publications in Kenya and Africa.

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Dr. Wangari Ngugi
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