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Julie Majale

Academy And Learning Coordinator, Africa Yoga Project

Bold Question: How might we build a wellness training ecosystem that provides youth from marginalized communities with skills to create contextualized solutions for problems in their communities?

Path to Metis: Julie grew up wanting to be of service to people. As a sickly young child, a doctor or nurse, kindness, and the love of her parents were at her bedside. She grew up wanting to be a doctor. Upon completing high school, she did not have the opportunity to transition to higher learning and made the decision to start other work to support her dream. It was a struggle to attain the necessary skills, find solutions for problems in her community, and be of contribution to the workplace.

Without higher education, she chose to learn by assisting in the different work environments she was in. This created an opportunity to learn and attain the skills needed to become competitive in the workplace. Throughout her career, in sales, customer service and merchandising, her promotions transitioned towards a training capacity. It became evident that she had found her calling and chose to be of service as a trainer.

Using her experience, skills gained and her initial dream of being of service she seized the opportunity to take on a full-time role as Academy and Learning Coordinator at Africa Yoga Project. In this space, she is now able to fulfill her childhood dream of being of service. She now works towards the marginalized youth. The forgotten young faces who have fallen through the cracks from primary to high school, who have been discounted as “ghetto”, viewed as menaces.

She believes that education is at the core of transformation and impact creation and the explosive power for good when coupled with an opportunity. Julie is working with Africa Yoga Project to incorporate the transformational practice of Yoga, leadership, employability, and entrepreneurship skills training to unearth the power of change and contribution in these youth.

She has completed a Certificate in Adult and Community Education with the University of Calgary and is a certified power yoga teacher. Her personal mantra is to "Never believe a prediction that does not empower you," Sean Stephenson.

More About Julie: LinkedIn

Julie Majale
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