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Esther Nyauncho

Co-Founder And Managing Director, Tustawi

Bold Question: What if education was supported by a dynamic system that helped us build skills to lead to more productive and fulfilling lives?

Path to Metis: Before settling her feet on her motherland Kenya, Esther had travelled far and wide through different fields. She spent most of her childhood in the United States and has been home for the past 8 years. Since returning, she has had the wonderful opportunity to work in challenging projects in the field of financial inclusion as well as working closely with growing businesses to understand and support them in their journey to growth and scale.

Through her work, she was influenced to build a best-in-class homegrown education technology solution for the skills-building for adult learners in Kenya. Tustawi was borne to leverage tech to bridge skills gaps and customize learning solutions that make learning fun and engaging. Tustawi seeks to use mobile-first tech to support lifelong practice and growth for all adult learners. Through Tustawi, she ensures that content is relevant to market needs, therefore applicable, and where cost is not a barrier to access.

Esther is on a constant learning journey and hopes everyone can be there with her. She holds a BSc Degree from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management. She enjoys stories told through music, movies, books, and poems; building puzzles and experiencing new cultures and food.

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Esther Nyauncho
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