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Marianne Wamuyu

Programs & Events Manager, Book Bunk Trust

Bold Question: What if libraries were safe spaces that promoted creativity and community learning?

Path to Metis: Marrianne’s motherhood journey expanded her worldview. She started feeling inclined to giving back to the community

Her love for books led to joining Book Bunk Trust, an organization working to restore some of Nairobi’s oldest libraries, most notably the McMillan Memorial Library and its branches in Makadara and Kaloleni in Eastlands. As the Programmes and Events Manager, She led the first round of research that informed the formation of the organization and successfully delivered 23 physical events hosted at the library while leading a team of 10 interns.

Her dream is to design gender-inclusive long-term arts education program (both virtual and online) delivered by artists and active practitioners. She also hopes to provide a platform where the communities can have to opportunity to learn new skills that would be income-generating, benefit local artists and businesses while providing equal opportunity for everyone to learn something new.

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Marianne Wamuyu
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