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Meshack Kawinzi

Business Development and Training Manager, National Organization of Peer Educators

Bold Question: What if educators identified and supported learners in abusive environments?

Pathway to Metis: Meshack’s childhood home was sandwiched between his primary school and the small missionary church. These two landmarks played a significant role in his early life. The school, about 10 meters away from home, was where he drowned his sorrows by singing and having hearty chats with classmates with happy faces. His fellow students did not know he had gone to bed on an empty stomach. The church, on the other hand, provided hope through scriptures and hymns on Sundays. 

One Friday morning, a  mentee walked into his office, looking troubled. The 23-year-old was in an abusive marriage, with little information on what to do. This was Meshack’s moment of obligation and he joined efforts with a group that provided urgent interventions to GBV victims. This leads him to his work with the National Organization of Peer Educators, working towards supporting the improvement of livelihoods in the community.

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