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Dr. Maina Wagioko

Head Of Professional Development Center, Aga Khan Academy Mombasa

Bold Idea: Build a blended platform that supports teachers in rural and hard-to-reach areas across the world to improve their practice, access resources and mentorship, and share their innovations.

Path to Metis: Dr WaGioko is a respected expert in the practice of supporting teachers to innovate and strengthen their pedagogy. Most recently, he spent the past 16 years leading at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, where he has supported a pilot of the government’s curriculum reforms in coastal counties. Dr WaGioko is committed to sharing his knowledge and fostering communities of practice for as many teachers as possible, leveraging his expertise to build new models of teacher support.

At the 2011 World Wide Innovative Education Forum, he was named as the most innovative teacher in East and Southern Africa. Through Aga Khan University, he taught Masters's candidates and trained teachers in rural Pakistan. He has presented at dozens of international conferences organized by organizations such as PSIPSE and the British Council, and his work has been published in dozens of journals and books. He was a Fellow and Faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in an Institute on the Future of Learning.

He is also a board member of Global Action Plan International, which supports education for sustainable development. He has a Masters from Aga Khan University and a PhD from SMC University in education project management. At Aga Khan, WaGioko leads a professional learning network that provides teachers with skills, mentorship, and peer support to strengthen their work. He plans to strengthen and grow this network to reach thousands more teachers.

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Twitter: @drmainawagioko

Dr. Maina Wagioko
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