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Alphonse Mutua

Founder, Masomo Online

Bold Question: What if communities designed and owned alternative learning pathways for Lifelong Learning?

Path to Metis: Alphonse is a problem solver. He merges his passion for creating great user experiences with technical knowledge to build worthwhile digital experiences.

His passion came to life in 2015 when he founded Masomo online after noticing communication gaps between students and lecturers during training he had signed up for. He sought to leverage new technologies to provide solutions to learning management problems common throughout the country.

“I hope that a child in Mandera is able to access the exact same discussion for their set book as a child in Kwale. I hope that one day my colleague, a business teacher at Starehe Boys, is able to share his content not only with his students but with the whole country on the same platform”.

He hopes that Masomo online helps students find a market-focused curriculum in colleges focused on helping students transition to work.

Alphonse also works at Starehe Boys Centre as the IT personnel.

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Alphonse Mutua
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