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Baraka Kilonzo

Acting Deputy Principal, Kiambani Secondary School

Bold Question: What if teachers were continuously trained to integrate climate change education?

Pathway to Metis: Baraka is an experienced educator and acting deputy principal at Kiambani Secondary School, bringing over a decade of expertise in the education sector. With a Master's degree in Education Leadership and Management from Aga Khan University, IED Tanzania, his passion lies in enhancing teacher professional development and knowledge transfer in the classroom.

He actively contributes to climate change mitigation within the Teachers for the Climate Global Community. He researched factors hindering knowledge transfer to the classroom and the disconnect between classroom learning and climate resilience. These findings inspired him to develop a mobile app for teachers and school leadership to help address these challenges. The app will facilitate supervision and follow-up, offer comprehensive teacher professional development courses, bridge the gap in climate change education, leadership and management knowledge of Heads of Department, teacher ethics and code of conduct, learner protection, and child safety.

To equip himself for this ambitious project, He pursued online diplomas in; Human Resource Management and Project Management from Allison. These skills have been instrumental in the app’s development and implementation. The learning and networks from the Metis fellowship will help him make strides in achieving his passion for enhancing teacher professional development and knowledge transfer in the classroom.

He uses these skills and tools for his learners and fellow educators to lead the charge in climate change mitigation

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