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Jackline Edung

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kenya Institute of Energy (KIE)

Bold Question: What if we cultivate youth leadership to build climate resilience in Turkana?

Path to Metis: Jackline Ochola Edung is a visionary leader, she thrives in transforming vision into strategy and moving from strategy to execution. Jackline values honesty and cherish when people are honest in their dealings wherever possible and she thinks it’s important for one to say what they really think. Jackline gets disappointed in myself when she doesn’t speak her mind.

Making the tough decision that paved way for my long term success is one of the moments that shaped my commitment to date. Choosing to let go of my teaching job even before I acquired a TSC number or graduating was one of those decisions that was not easy to make. I remember at the time I already had responsibilities and didn’t have another job offer. The call to make a difference was however bigger that what I was doing and it led me to making calculated moves that today I look back and appreciate.

Another moment that shaped my commitment was when I made an impact that I have been longing for in life by volunteering at Red Cross Kenya to mentor and coach young girls in Turkana County it was during this time that I not only saw many young girls progress with their education to examination class and beyond but also take up the challenge to study STEM subjects, a venture that when time allows I continue with. Currently I work collaboratively with University students to mentor high school students on the need to take up STEM subjects seriously.

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Jackline Edung
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