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Vivian Sutter

Program Coordinator at Rural Women Peace Link

Bold Idea: What if the younger generation (learners) participate in computing climate change?

Vivian seeks to address the gap in our younger generation's participation in mitigating or managing the adverse effects of climate change that affect our rural farmer communities. She an experienced program manager with well-developed peacebuilding and conflict management skills, gender mainstreaming, leadership and governance and an environmentalist. She worked immensely with the grassroots community in the North Rift and Western Region of Kenya, on peacebuilding, conflict management and access to human rights, especially for marginalized women and girls.

Through her partnership with Women and Youth in the Green (WYG), she has helped revamp environmental clubs in schools in rural areas. She also holds school mentorship programs through tree nursery clubs as a safe space for young girls to interact and share. In addition, she has taken a key role in educating the community in integrating Bamboo farming, an environmental conservation plant and a cash crop, supporting the community ecosystem and contributing to economic empowerment.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and currently pursuing her M.A in Community Development and Project and Evaluation at Egerton University.

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Vivian Sutter
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