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Dominic Kioko


Bold Question: What if climate change action was taught in all schools?

Pathway to Metis: Kioko Dominic aka 'Ambassador' hails from Makueni County, a semi-arid region of Makueni. This area experiences high temperatures, land-distanced schools, and farmers mainly growing citrus fruits. Climate change variations dictated their performance, productivity, and incomes. This continuum of suffering sparked his urge to find solutions for affected farmers. This realization led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in applied climatology.

Immediately after graduation, he was posted to a school in another county experiencing the reality of climate change, Kitui County. Initially, the school was bare save for the school buildings. No trees! The high population of the school provided an opportunity for change. Together every learner and teacher planted trees to microclimate the school and start conserving water for the trees and use by the school. Today the school is a green space, and the culture of growing trees continues.

Kioko Dominic then got the opportunity to be part of a think tank for the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, KICD. He prompted the inclusion of novel authentic activities in the curriculum toward having practical solutions toward changing the mindset of Kenyan learners regarding climate action. Through active environmental activities, learners are actively curbing the acceleration of climate change. Dominic continues toward the goal of initiating authentic tasks to spring up climate resilience activities in all counties and schools in Kenya.

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