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Judith Akoth

Chief Executive Officer, The Turning Point Trust - Kenya

Bold Question: What if no child living in Kibera was left behind in education?

Path to Metis: Judith Akoth is a project manager by profession with extensive experience in community development within communities living in informal settlements. She is passionate about transforming the lives of families and children to reach their full potential.

Judith is a big believer that education is one of the most powerful instruments for social change. Currently overseeing holistic education programs in Kibera’s informal settlement that prepare children to join primary education and help return to school children who have dropped out of school, Judith’s biggest dream is a world where no child is left behind, a world where all children get to complete their primary education.

At the Turning Point Trust, Judith is working with her team to develop a school transition programme that will ensure increased success and school retention rate of children who had previously dropped out of school. They believe that a holistic approach that includes psychosocial support, remedial programmes to close learning gaps and parental engagement is key to the success of the transition programme.

Judith holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies and a diploma in project management.

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Judith Akoth
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