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Kenneth Monjero

Lead Person At Science Centre Kenya

Bold Question: What if children were each other's greatest teachers and could learn across differences in geography, race, and class?

Path to Metis: Kenneth Monjero Igadwa aka ‘Dr. Fun’ is the pioneer of the first Children science centre based under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization based in Nairobi Kenya. With over 10 years of experience in agricultural technology, he has constantly engaged with learners across primary, secondary and tertiary educational systems to help them sharpen their competencies.

With multiple academic credentials from Kenya Methodist University and the University of Nairobi in Applied Biology and Crop protection, Trans-disciplinary research and engagement from Stellenbosch University, a global fellow on agricultural advocacy from Cornell University, Synthetic biology adoption from North-West University and science communication and engagement from Australia National University, he uses this vast knowledge and experience in engaging his learners in a fun, interactive yet knowledgeable manner as his pedagogy.

In April 2020, he founded the Fun & Education Global Network that has seen children across more than 12 countries across 4 continents connected with the common goal of acquiring fun experiences across multiple disciplines, mentorship, career development and peer learning through ‘minds-on’ and ‘hands-on’ approaches. Several notable projects have been implemented through the Global Network such as the ‘Agri-COVID’ gardens’—A project calling for children and youth to engage in farming as a response to the more consumption of foods in households and fewer employees in the farms due to the global pandemic.

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Kenneth Monjero
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