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DR. Nyaboke Nduati

Principal, Nova Pioneer Tatu Girls High School

Bold Idea: Launch a travelling academy to engage local and international schools and communities to foster the development of 21st Century leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs across socio-economic backgrounds.

Path to Metis: Dr. Nyaboke Nduati has worked in schools and universities in Kenya and the USA for over ten years. As an undergraduate student at Kenyatta University, she spent her holidays working for Radio Kwizera in Tanzania as a Teacher of English Literature for a radio program targeting high school students.

Soon after completing her undergraduate program in Education, she earned a full scholarship from Syracuse University in New York to pursue a master of Fine Art degree in Creative Writing. Committed to her career in Education, she decided to combine her love for writing with her desire to make a difference in the field of education by pursuing a PhD in Literacy Education at the same institution. During her time at Syracuse University, Nyaboke worked as a trainer and supervisor of pre service teachers.

She taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in education, prepared teachers for their state certification exams, supervised their school placements, and learned a lot in the process. She moved back home to Kenya in 2016, with a dream and a determination to be the change that she wanted to see in Kenyan education.

Dr. Nyaboke Nduati has been working for Nova Pioneer for the past three years, first as a Dean of Instruction and Learning, and currently as the School Leader/Principal of Nova Pioneer Girls’ High School in Tatu City. As an instructional leader at Nova Pioneer, Nyaboke has developed and coached teachers and deans through classroom observations, 1:1 coaching, and a teachers’ professional development program that runs throughout the year. Nyaboke is working on extending the reach of her work at Nova Pioneer so that more children in the country have access to the same level of quality education.

More About Nyaboke: LinkedIn Profile

DR. Nyaboke Nduati
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