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Douglas Mwangi

Founder, Oasis Mathare

Bold Question: What if tech tools helped learners access quality education?

Path to Metis: Accessing quality education while growing up and opportunities as a youth in Mathare are but a few of the several personal experiences that have shaped Douglas into pursuing his line of work. He is now devoted to fighting illiteracy and poverty in Mathare and beyond through Oasis Mathare-a community-based organization that empowers marginalized youths and children from Mathare slums Nairobi-Kenya with Library service, where children can come and do their studies away from home where they face challenges such as electricity and inadequate space.

His work has been recognized locally and globally by figures such as Her Majesty The Queen-a feat that has earned him the nickname ‘The Duke of Mathare’.

At Oasis Mathare he leads a team of 5 vibrant youth, where they champion quality education using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and Design (STEAMD) to help youth acquire 21st-century skills to improve their innovation and problem-solving skills.

More about Douglas: LinkedIn

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Douglas Mwangi
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