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Lillian Wamuyu

Area Manager/Academy Relations Manager, Bridge International Academies

Bold Idea: Build a national movement of girls' clubs that leverage storytelling to ensure girls have the community and safe spaces they need to thrive.

Path to Metis: Lillian is a development specialist with over 15 years’ experience in managing franchises, social enterprises and start-up companies with private and donor-funded projects across Kenya. Her experience spans across education, conflict resolution/peacebuilding and the health sector. Over the years, Lillian has supported organizations in building meaningful relationships with the government, investors, clients and global communities.

In 2018 she gave talks in Seattle, Washington to middle school and high school pupils. This was part of an outreach initiative to build cross-cultural linkages between Kenyan and American communities. Lillian has worked to distribute over 600 reusable menstrual kits to girls in her community, helping them to remain in school.

Lillian is passionate about community development with over 15 years’ experience in community based programmes. A significant part of this experience has been in strategic education development at Bridge International Academies. Lillian’s vision is to build a transformative and integrative social enterprise, especially for the benefit of the marginalized families.

More About Lillian: LinkedIn Profile

Lillian Wamuyu
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