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Muganyizi Melchior

Managing Director, Participatory Livelihoods Improvement Ecology and Sanitation (PALES)

Bold Question: What if rural girls and young women were supported to access technical education?

Pathway to Metis: Muganyizi Melchior is passionate about girls and women's economic empowerment and integration with community-based empowerment approaches. Hailing from Tanzania, he is the founder and Managing director of the PALES organization (Participatory Livelihoods Improvement Ecology and Sanitation), which focuses on community livelihoods improvement. 

PALES’ community programs on Livelihoods improvement have impacted over 200 girls and 600 women in the rural area of Biharamulo. PALES achieves this through training, seminars, field practical works, exchange visits, and linkages. The programs also integrate cross-cutting issues such as HIV prevention, violence against women, mitigation of the impacts of climate change, and human rights protection. The women trained under PALES programs have established chicken and goat keeping, vegetable farming, tailoring, and small retail shops for income creation and improvement of their livelihoods. Results have shown that their dependence on men has reduced by 60%. This brings a sense of autonomy among these rural women. 

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