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Peter Karanja

Programs Manager, NOPE

Bold Question: What if we unlocked the full potential of special needs children through a different approach to learning?

Path to Metis: Peter Karanja is an accomplished Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with diverse experience in leadership, management, research, and learning. 

He has demonstrated expertise in institutional strengthening, governance, devolution, the utilisation of data, and ICT in planning and decision-making processes. Additionally, Njuguna is an astute application developer, database administrator, and project manager across a broad spectrum of business sectors. He serves as the Program Manager at National Organization of Peer Educators

The National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE) works to improve the well-being of youth, people in the workplace, and the country's most at-risk populations by providing highly customised sexual reproductive health and social services using innovative peer-centred and Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) interventions that foster innovation. 

For over 20 years, the organisation has built its portfolio in capacity building for both workplace and civil society organisations in more than 5 provinces of Kenya. It has maintained a good record and partner relations, with a remarkable program implementation record spanning a whole decade.

Peter Karanja promotes the uptake of Maternal Health and Family Planning while ensuring that the services are Gender Mainstreamed and contribute to Conserving the Environment at NOPE. He is a thought leader in matters of Institutional development, Policy, eLearning, Knowledge management, and community-led development in Africa. 

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Peter Karanja
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