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Beatrice Imbaya

Director, Little Lambs Early Learning Centre, Kenya

Bold Question: What if early childhood development centers had a culture of parent-teacher collaboration?

Pathway to Metis: Beatrice is a faculty member in the Tourism and Tour Operations Department, at Moi University, Kenya. Her teaching career, in secondary school, TVET, and university levels, spans over 3 decades.

With some research showing that 50% of a person’s intellectual capacity develops by age four, Beatrice is committed to interventions at the foundational learning level to enable children, especially those from poor backgrounds, to realize their full potential. She founded Little Lambs Early Learning Centre (LLELC) in 2019, to tackle some of the literacy challenges she has observed while teaching at higher levels of learning.  At LLELC, the CBC curriculum is delivered using a combination of learner-centered teaching approaches to develop an all-rounded child. Beatrice believes that investing in foundational numeracy and literacy yields high rates of return socially and economically, as it provides the building blocks for all other learning, knowledge, and higher-order skills that children need to thrive.

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