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Sheila Mbiru

Knowledge Management Practitioner

Bold Idea: What if learners were equipped for climate action?

Sheila is a Knowledge Management Practitioner with over 30 years national, regional and international experience specializing in Forestry, Environmental Conservation and Climate Change knowledge management. She has a proven track record of supporting individuals and organizations to strategically manage the knowledge they create to develop relevant knowledge products and services that will deliver value and support decision making.

She has been recognized for her role in using innovative approaches including games, experiential learning, storytelling, and artist expressions to create a deeper understanding of climate change, its impacts and the need for urgent action.

Sheila was appointed a World Climate Ambassador & Facilitator by Climate Interactive for her role in building climate change awareness, increasing capacity to discuss climate change, and create motivation to act among various stakeholders including with policy makers, media practitioners, the youth and young learners.

She also received a commendation letter from Kenya School of Government for coordinating a multi-stakeholder process that developed and rolled out the first ever Climate Change Training Program to increase awareness among national and county government officers and other stakeholders. The program received international recognition as a replicable and scalable program that empowers national and county climate change government officers to respond appropriately to climate change.

In addition, Sheila led a multi sectoral team of experts who developed and successfully implemented the Inaugural Kenya Climate Change Art and Essay Competition 2018 targeting children and youth, giving them an opportunity to creatively present their proposed climate actions through writing essays, painting and drawing. Over 4300 learners, 112 schools including 9 for Special Need Learners participated. Over 150 learners were awarded prizes including laptops, tablets, branded school bags and book vouchers


Sheila supports causes that use different artistic expressions to create awareness about the need for environmental conservation and climate action and is passionate about empowering people to be the best versions of themselves.

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Sheila Mbiru
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