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Eveline Mghendi

Program Manager, Elimu Fanaka

Bold Question: What if learners utilized technology to thrive in life?

Pathway to Metis: Eveline Mghendi is passionate about technology and how we can transform communities and solve global challenges. As the Programs Manager at Elimu Fanaka, she oversees all programs and projects and offers the team overall management and talent coaching. Additionally, she leads Elimu Fanaka’s Technology and Literacy program, which focuses on improving literacy and academic performance for learners in rural primary schools.

Over the last 4 years, she has grown her skills and experience through learning and being in proximity to the communities she serves, and through interactions with teachers, parents, and learners, she became more interested in community development and program management work. This interest led her to start learning more about fundraising, project management, and Human Centered Design to better support the communities and schools that Elimu Fanaka works with.

She has previously worked with a tech company where she oversaw website development and management and social media platforms. Over the years, she has gained skills in strategy design, planning, and managing programs and projects. She holds a diploma in IT from Taita Taveta University.

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