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Fiona Oroma

Principal Program Lead, STIR Education

Bold Question: What if teenage mothers were empowered to thrive?

Pathway to Metis: Born in Northern Uganda during a 20-year war period and with people confined in Internally Displaced Camps, education was not a priority; survival was. Due to these circumstances, education was considered a luxury especially on the girls' side as they were considered the home keepers as their male counterparts went to school.

Having been exposed to this inequality at a very young age, Fiona took a step to change this narrative and provide equal opportunities for girls in similar circumstances. She is currently the Principal Program Lead at STIR Education, where her career objective is to contribute to fairness and equity in uplifting the standard and quality of life for all while paying special attention to the needs of the underprivileged. She takes a special interest in providing pregnant girls and teenage mothers with life and entrepreneurial

skills, noting that "If they are not empowered to take charge of their lives, they will be unable to compete in the job market."

Fiona holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management. She is very passionate about teaching and learning and loves seeing that every child has better life chances through improved methods of teaching that prompts them to think critically, increases their self-esteem, builds their confidence, arouses their curiosity and keeps them engaged while at school. She also focuses on teacher-learner relationship and believes that teachers are the most critical agents in delivering improved foundational learning outcomes for children, She is part of the design team where they develop quality materials for teachers and officials every school term. Gender equality is at the centre of her work right from the material design to program implementation.

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