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Mary Atieno

Deputy Principal, Kasarani Technical and Vocational College

Bold Question: What if women in the food industry had knowledge and resources for affordable, climate- resilient and healthy food systems?

Pathway to Metis: Mary Atieno serves as a Deputy Principal in charge of academic affairs in a TVET institution. With a background in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, she is motivated by a strong desire to combat food insecurity and malnutrition among marginalized communities. She has developed a creative approach that transforms food waste into better alternatives. The solution adds value to food waste, creating nutritious options to improve food security and reduce waste while empowering women entrepreneurs.

Working with staff, students, and stakeholders, to implement nutritional education, and sustainable food system initiatives, including training programs, sourcing locally grown food, and adding value to food waste. 

She has presented papers at international conferences, including one on oral care utilizing Hydroxyapatite from Fish Scales. Her Torsoy Health Drink gained recognition at the Africa Food Manufacturing Conference and the StartUpAfrica Talent Innovation Competition in Cairo, Egypt, and Kigali, Rwanda.

Her unwavering commitment lies in reshaping education for the modern era by embracing innovative learning avenues. By synchronizing policy and practice, she aims to create a brighter future that prioritizes education, nutrition, and social well-being. Mary hopes to tackle social and environmental issues by fostering innovation and collaboration. She strives to establish sustainable, equitable, and healthy food systems while seeking enduring solutions to poverty.

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