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June Omune

Development Director, The Action Foundation Kenya

Bold Question: What if communities were learning spaces for children with disabilities?

Pathway to Metis: Growing up, June saw her friends with different disabilities face a lot of social isolation at school. She realized early on that the world treats people differently, some worse than others. After completing her graduate and post-graduate studies in Law, she volunteered and worked in schools in different contexts within Africa, where she realized the need to break down barriers that limit social opportunities for children with disabilities. She is dedicated to the rights of children with disabilities and addressing the barriers that exist for them. One of the most impactful forces for change is education, and it is a pathway to realizing every child's right to develop and thrive. 

The Action Foundation builds inclusive and resilient communities where children, women, and girls with disabilities can thrive. Through her diverse roles, from program intern to Director of Development, she has had the opportunity to deeply engage with the lived experiences of children and caregivers in their pursuit of social inclusion. She uses this knowledge to support the Action Foundation team in designing and implementing inclusive education initiatives, advocacy work, and building the confidence of teachers and caregivers to provide quality learning opportunities for children with disabilities. 

She is motivated and reminded that inclusion is a journey we must all positively contribute to normalizing. Listening to the children and sharing with the world their brilliance and diversity is something she is excited to do every day.

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