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Jane Gitau

Deputy Principal, Administration and Finance, Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology

Bold Question: What if TVET institutions were centers of transformation for vulnerable girls and women?

Pathway to Metis: Jane grew up in a rural setting where most children enrolled for primary school education. Many girls who didn’t qualify to join high school ended up dropping out of school. They ended up in early marriages with no meaningful income to allow for a decent living. Seeing such helpless girls become young mothers always sparked sympathy and a determination to empower vulnerable girls arose within her.  

Jane has a rich background and experience in education systems and policies in Kenya, having started her career as a high school teacher and later a TVET trainer and a part-time lecturer at various Universities in Kenya. She is a researcher and has presented papers on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD), Urban Agriculture and Agri-nutrition technologies and is currently working on Gender disparity in STEM courses offered in TVET Institutions.  Jane continues to advocate for increased girls' enrolment in STEM courses and has supported many girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete their courses successfully. She has achieved this in her various capacities as a Head of the Department of Applied Sciences, a Champion for Women in Technical Education and Development (WITED), and currently a Deputy Principal, Administration. 

Her connection to girls from disadvantaged backgrounds led to the creation of the Up-skilling Vulnerable Girls Project, which provides a platform for girls who drop out of school to gain technical education and skills that will boost their chances of employment. The innovation will also equip the girls with entrepreneurial skills for empowerment.

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