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Elishibah Poriot

Founder, The Classroom Outside

Bold Question: What if we equipped individuals with life skills and accessible tools to enable them to live a life of purpose and joy through every age of their life?

Path to Metis: Elishibah always wanted to be a teacher since childhood. After studying in schools that brought the best out of her and working in different countries in and out of Africa, she learned that being book smart is not enough; learning how to live and how to be, is impacted by the decisions that one makes, the relationships they have with others and the values that they hold true is as important.

Motivated to ensure that every person, despite where they are from, lives a purposeful life by making the most of the resources and opportunities around them, she founded The Classroom Outside. It is an organization that offers Leadership, Mentorship, Life Skills coaching and training to adults, youth, and teenagers.

Elishibah has worked in education, leadership and management training, youth empowerment, and social impact work for twelve years across the African continent. She has had the pleasure of working at the African Leadership Academy in South Africa, Equity Group Foundation in Kenya, Strathmore University Business School, Bethel Children’s Home in Londiani, Mpesa Foundation Academy, and Emerging Leaders Foundation. She has also consulted for YALI East Africa and Elewa Company Limited.

Elishibah is a graduate of Wellesley College in Massachusetts, USA, where she graduated with a BA in International Relations and Africana Studies. She has a Master’s in Women, Leadership, and Governance from the African Women Studies Center, University of Nairobi.

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Elishibah Poriot
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