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Jeremiah Kutanya

Founder, Pastoralists Integrated Concerns

Bold Question: What if quality education was accessible to all children in Kenya?

Path to Metis: Jeremiah grew up in a nomadic pastoralist community, spending the majority of his time herding livestock. He occasionally had to miss school in search of water and/or pastures for their livestock. On top of all that had to walk 20km to and from school every day, forcing him to wake up as early as 3 am to make it to school on time.

These struggles, unique to his pastoral community, inspired him to want to impact young boys and girls who go through the same experience when he joined the Technical University of Kenya (TUK)

In January 2019, Jeremiah cofounded Pastoralists Integrated Concerns - PICO, a community-based organization that runs an education project dubbed ‘Education for sustainable development,’ which aims to make quality education accessible to children in pastoralist setups of Magadi, Kajiado county. It does this through energized parental engagement, youth advocacy for children’s rights in education, supporting remedial classes, and training of teachers on foundational skills in literacy and numeracy.

He is also a founder of Enlighters Youth Initiative, a youth group that focuses on enlightening the community on matters of education and gender. As the chair of the initiative, Jeremiah learned a lot from it; advocacy on children's rights, the campaign against retrogressive cultural practices, and mentorship.

Jeremiah is a project manager with over three years of experience. He believes that all children can achieve their full academic potential when their conditions are improved.

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Jeremiah Kutanya
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