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Richard Bikko

Program Manager, Global Minimum Inc. (Gmin).

Bold Idea: Transform public and community spaces to support youth in their learning journey to become leaders, innovators & change makers. Create safe spaces where youth can be genuinely curious, learn even in their failure, question oppression of any kind, and are part of the process of building and impacting their communities.

Path to Metis: Richy’s initial work experience was an internship at TASSC International, a human rights organization in Washington, D.C. He moved back to Kenya in 2012 where he joined DIPAD, a peacebuilding and development organization that works at the intersection of restorative justice, trauma healing and leadership development. His initial work experiences gave him a deeper understanding on the liberating and transformative power of both formal & informal education.

In 2013, he joined Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) as a volunteer and was captivated by the organization’s vision of engaging and inspiring young Africans to be at the forefront of creating a more just and equitable world through unique learning experiences. Since then he has been instrumental to the growth of the organization and played a key role in development and facilitation of workshops on Design Thinking, Project Based Learning, as well as leadership and social entrepreneurship.

He has also played a key role in the development of GMin programs to be more accessible and inclusive for all young leaders. Mentoring young leaders at GMin is one of his most treasured moments as he gets to see first hand the impact and transformational journey the youth are making towards creating social change in their communities.

Richy’s education journey led him to attain a B.A. degree in Justice, Peace & Conflict Studies from Eastern Mennonite University. His education strengthened his resolve to champion social justice and exposed him to a multidisciplinary and multicultural educational environment.

More About Richy & GMin EMU Runner a model in resolve Innovate Kenya highlight video Twitter: @ricobikk

Richard Bikko
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