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Khadija Ali

Homeroom Teacher, Aga Khan Academy Junior School, Nairobi.

Bold Question? What if ECD teachers were empowered to support learners?

Path to Metis: Khadija has always had a passion for working and bringing change within the ECD sector. Growing up, she had the privilege of visiting centers within the marginalized communities in the coast of Mombasa where her mother was heading one of the ECD programs in the region. She saw communities that lacked both basic needs and educational resources and was driven to take action and be a part of positive change. Inspired by her Mother and wanting to go further and do better, Khadija not only pursued education and graduated but she decided to volunteer as a teacher in one of the ECD schools where she shared her skills and knowledge until, she relocated abroad.

Khadija is a dedicated, resourceful and a passion driven ECD teacher, with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has taught locally and internationally, and is currently sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience by practicing in Nairobi, Kenya. She teaches the International Baccalaureate program that focuses on teaching and learning using the 21st Century teaching skills where she allows her students to take ownership of their learning.

Khadija believes that Early Childhood Development and Education is a critical sector and it is important to establish the foundational knowledge for the future education of young children. She believes that development of a society depends highly on the care and education invested in the early years! Investing in Early years can either catalyze or paralyses a society! Therefore, it is time to take action. Khadija hopes for a Kenya where ECD teachers are equipped with skills and knowledge to enable them to support young learners in their learning journey.

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Khadija Ali
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