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Dennis Moogi

Founder and CEO, CRESNET CBO

Bold Question: What if foundational learning resources were re-engineered for children with special needs and disabilities?

Pathway to Metis: Dennis Moogi is a Special Needs Education teacher by profession, a social impact entrepreneur, and a disability inclusion champion with over 15 years of experience working in the NGO sector. He has a strong passion for promoting access to quality Inclusive Education for marginalized groups of children through EdTech innovations, policy, human rights advocacy (with a focus on disability and child rights), and capacity building of duty bearers. He is the founder of CRESNET, a startup social enterprise that works to improve access to inclusive early childhood education, social protection, and the safeguarding of children with disabilities.  

He also heads the secretariat of the Action for Children with Disabilities - a network of local and international civil society organizations championing the rights of persons with disabilities in Kenya and is a board member of Deaf Aid Kenya.

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