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Emmy Zoomlamai

Executive Director, Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH)

Bold Question: What if communities partnered to advance learning in rural and post-conflict communities?

Pathway to Metis: Emmy was born and raised in Northern Uganda during the peak of the conflict between the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) and the Uganda Government. His family was forced to flee their village and lived in the Internally Displacement Camp for many years. Emmy’s family members were abandoned, which placed heavy burdens on his mother. Being the last born of 9 children in their family, he was sent to different communities for protection which made him drop out of school several times and study in 8 different primary schools during his primary education. 

He founded the Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH) from a deep conviction to bring gender equality in education and help all children get foundational numeracy, literacy, and life skills to allow all of them to transition to the next grade at the same level and be productive citizens that can be absolved in the future job market. 

Emmy Zoomlamai desires to provide an equal opportunity for marginalized children to find their voice and maximize their potential. With his media background, business studies, and experience as ILO certified business trainer, Emmy is also using his experiences to influence policy design, and execution of economic and social development programs to further the work of FICH.

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