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AnnRita Njiru

Advisory Board Member at the Common Good Institute

Bold Question: What if we leveraged technology to resolve the mental health challenges of children by offering curated and well designed extracurricular activities?

Path to Metis: AnnRita served as the COO at Growd Global Ltd an EdTech startup that aims to improve the mental health and academic performance of children 14 and under through offering curated extra-curricular activities.

She has always been interested in work that impacts people and their well being directly and has over 13 years working experience in higher education, SME strategy development, project management, and impact investment. 

She is passionate about eradicating poverty and catalysing enterprise growth in Africa. She enjoys working in teams to brainstorm solutions to the most urgent social problems and is passionate about continuous learning, entrepreneurship and sustainable businesses that create measurable social impact. 

On the other hand she is also a mother of three children, two of whom are school going and is therefore, currently exploring, experiencing and experimenting with different education approaches and models including Edtech. 

AnnRita holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in accounting and marketing and a Master of Commerce in Sustainability reporting, both from Strathmore University, Kenya. 

She is an alumni of both the Leadership for Excellence and Africa's development program (LEAD) from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, and Impact Business Leaders (IBL), a social enterprise and impact investing careers program. 

AnnRita currently serves as the Advisory Board Member at the Common Good Institute. 

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AnnRita Njiru
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