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Beatrice Thinwa

Director/Founder - Lal Homeschooling Center-Kenya

Bold question: What if ALL learners in Kenya used Technology to access smaller,interactive classrooms,delivering quality education 24/7?

Path to Métis:Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.What started out a curiosity for sign language,opened up a whole new perspective on sign language and special needs education world to which Beatrice had no idea.

With both a professional and personal background in special needs education,Beatrice has been striving to bridge the huge divide that exists in Education,special needs education.

She has been a full time homeschool teacher who ventured into founding a virtual learning center that not only provides quality,affordable education but also creates awareness of the different disabilities in education from a young age.Students are able to access information about different learning disabilities as well as physical disabilities.

Beatrice’s motto Is inclusivity is the foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.If we bring up members of society that are special needs informed and cautious,how more so closer are we to bridging the gap,albeit by a small margin?

Beatrice’s dream is that through LaL’s homeschooling center ,each learner is given a fair shot at charting their own path and thereby creating a society that is inclusive to all exclusive to none.

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Beatrice Thinwa
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