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Lilly Oyare

Founder, Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre

Path to Metis: Lily Oyare’s career as a teacher took a different turn when she visited Kibera in the early 2000s and saw many underprivileged students struggling in school. She decided to volunteer as a teacher in one of the primary schools that served vulnerable children and youth.

When the Kenyan government rolled out free primary education, Lily saw a gap in early years Education preparation for the children in the Informal settlement. Her students were already set back even before they sat for the national examination.

She founded Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre to mitigate this.

Since then, Little Rock has provided quality Early Childhood Education to over 400 vulnerable children and children with disabilities in Kibra informal settlement and its environment. The center has inspired and transformed the lives of 1500 children and youth for 17 years successfully. 400 of these attend the ECD program, Over 988 are in primary schools, 100 students are in secondary school, and 56 students in Universities and Colleges.

She hopes to “turn early years scars into stars” for all the students she serves.

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Lilly Oyare
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