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Susan Wakhaya

Youth for Renewable Energy

Bold Question: What if climate change awareness was integrated into schools' co-curricular activities?

Pathway to Metis: Susan, aka Suzy, has over a decade of experience working with disadvantaged children in under-resourced institutions. She is skilled in integrating Ed-tech and STEM into the curriculum to enhance student learning and engagement.

As a high school teacher in a marginalized community and institution with limited resources, Suzy saw that her students would never have a level playing field with their counterparts in more advanced institutions.

She observed that despite the collective efforts of her staff mates in ensuring that her students achieved the best they could in their academics, they still had challenges as most could not proceed to tertiary institutions and ended up facing a lot of hurdles in terms of limited job opportunities, income disparities, skills mismatch, entrepreneurial barriers, social stigma, reduced networking opportunities and limited access to research and resources.

Suzy has gained a unique understanding of these learners by immersing herself in their lives during and after the completion of school.  Though many were not academically gifted, they still had a lot of untapped potential, resilience, and talent. She spent quite some time pondering and researching how best to step in the gap and make a difference for these youth. It all came together when she met Marie Luturian, the codirector of Centerline Solutions, and Winfred Nyokabi, a development Specialist . Together they created Youth for Renewable Energy. Y4Re provides quality institution-based vocational training programs in renewable energy where youth receive hands-on training and work readiness skills. 

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