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Esther Gacicio

Assistant Director, Kenya Institute For Curriculum Development

Bold Idea: Design tech-enabled tools to train over 250,000 teachers in Kenya’s 23,000 public schools with skills to implement national curriculum reforms with high-quality instruction.

Path to Metis: Esther has been at KICD for over 19 years, where she has developed deep expertise in the process of leading innovation within government. KICD is the unit within the Kenyan Ministry of Education tasked with leading reforms of all curriculums and content for students and teachers, including the recent Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), Kenya’s flagship education reform initiative.

Esther leads KICD teams to ensure that these reforms are supported with high-quality media, tech training tools, and capacity building for teachers. She is also on the team leading monitoring and evaluation for the DLP. She has led innovations including the KICD eLearning Lab for the development of content, the Kenya Education Cloud for instructional content, and Elimika for virtual teacher training. Esther has a Masters in Education from the University of Nairobi and is currently working towards her PhD in education leadership for ICT integration.

She began her career teaching history and ethics at a public secondary school. Although Esther has been offered jobs in the private sector and sees that government reform can be slower and more complex than a change in the private sector, she remains committed to the public sector and reforming KICD to ensure that public schools provide higher quality education to Kenyan children at scale.

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Twitter: @EstherGacicio

Esther Gacicio
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