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Joan Watsulu

Director Schools Network, Flying Kites

Bold Question: What if education equipped learners with social and problem-solving skills to help them navigate challenges and create opportunities?

Path to Metis: Few people get the opportunity to be a public school principal at the age of 28. Joan experienced this and she recalls that " My interaction with students was immediate and intense. The emphasis was always the A grades. No one seemed to advocate strongly for skills that would turn these grades into gold.” This has been the narrative that she aims to change through her core mission.

She is an educator committed to supporting teachers and education leaders to embrace child-centred learning and soft skills as a crucial component in producing holistic people with high adaptability and resolution to exert selves for high-level end results.

Having worked with youth in ASAL and marginalized parts of the country, Joan has heard the cry of the youth on their inability to cope with demanding

jobs or the difficult situations life deals them. Employers, on the other hand, want good grades and sharp skills. Her dream is to fill this gap.

Currently working with Flying Kites, she works around child-centred learning and imparting of skills that cause the learners to stand apart. They provide intensive training followed by long term coaching for teachers who in turn train the students and create opportunities for them to live the values through lessons, clubs and other school activities. “We seek to focus not only on grades but to champion a 21st-century mindset that will enable these young people to compete favourably across the borders.”

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Joan Watsulu
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