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Mwihaki Muraguri

Principal Storysmith, Paukwa

Bold Question: How might we infuse positive values in kids so as to overwrite our existing value code in Kenya?

Path to Metis: Mwihaki loves words - spoken, written, set against a rhythm, in a book, or a poem. Words have always been central to her creative process. Her superpower – the weaving of words. As a StorySmith - she is dedicated to crafting words, stories and digital content to positively influence ideas about progress, identity, historical and contemporary culture from Kenya and the continent at large.

For over two decades Mwihaki honed her skill in project delivery while working in the development arena across Sub Saharan Africa. With a progressive career in public health, development and philanthropy, Mwihaki has delivered change in myriad ways through institutions as diverse as AMREF Health Africa, the KCB Foundation, IDRC, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Throughout her career, advancement of Africa has always been at the core.

Mwihaki’s passion for “words woven well” led to the establishment of Paukwa House Ltd. a storyhouse dedicated to showcasing and sharing positive stories from the continent, from an authentically African perspective to counter and change prevailing negative social stereotypes on Africa. Since inception, Paukwa has developed over 400 stories about historical and contemporary facets about Kenya that widen our understanding of self and other. Paukwa’s next step is rolling these stories out to Kenyan children to highlight hope, reframe opportunity, and embrace our diverse and powerful selves.

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Mwihaki Muraguri
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