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Redempta Kinyaka

Head Teacher, SHOFCO Kibera School for Girls

Bold Question: What if we use technology to promote a reading culture in schools?

Pathway to Metis: Redempta Kinyaka is an inspiring educator that advocates for digital literacy. Born and raised in an extremely rural setting, she grew up with limited access to technology, where the closest source of digital information was the Voice of Kenya (VoK) radio broadcast programs. The government-supplied books were primarily the main gateway to knowledge and learning. 

Her journey into the digital world began when she enrolled in the university and took a mandatory introduction unit in computing, opening her eyes to the rapidly evolving digital era.

Building on her background in literacy training and her passion for cultivating a reading culture and expanding students' vocabulary inside and outside the classroom, Redempta embraces technology as a powerful tool to drive their future success. 

As the team lead at SHOFCO-Kibera School for Girls, she is fully committed to ensuring that students acquire essential literacy skills. She believes that learning is a fun-filled experience, and recognizes technology as the perfect vehicle to achieve this goal.

Her vision of a digitally literate generation is a driving force behind her work, as she believes that technology holds the key to unlocking limitless opportunities and shaping a brighter future for all.

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