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Faith Mutwiri

Curriculum Development officer - Film, Video and Photography, KENYA INSTITUTE OF CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT

Bold Question: What if film was used to shift gender norms?

Pathway to Metis: Faith Makena Mutwiri is a passionate Educationist and Curriculum Developer with a deep love for film and theatre. With over twelve years of experience in the industry, Faith possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Film and Theatre concepts, research, and education. She is driven by a global perspective while actively contributing to her local community.

As an educator, Faith has made significant contributions to curriculum development. She holds a Master of Art in Theatre and Film Studies from the prestigious University of Nairobi, where she honed her skills and developed a nuanced understanding of the art form. Faith's commitment to shaping young minds led her to develop comprehensive and engaging curricula at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), where she currently works. Faith's passion for film and dedication to education and community development shapes her into a visionary professional. She has successfully directed and produced impactful projects, including the thought-provoking documentary film 'Our Elephants, Our Neighbours,' which explores the delicate relationship between humans and elephants in Kenya.

Faith's journey as a Film storyteller has been influenced by the works of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, particularly her book "We Should All Be Feminists." This literary masterpiece has inspired Faith to explore the intersection of feminism and film, fostering a deep appreciation for storytelling that challenges societal norms, gender stereotypes and promotes gender equality. She recognizes the importance of gender equality and aims to promote inclusivity and empowerment through her work.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Faith is an active volunteer and life member of the Kenya Red Cross Society. She engages in various humanitarian activities, leveraging her skills in theatre and film to develop plays and films for social development and organizing community outreach programs.

"‘We should all be feminists’…well, these are not my words but wouldn’t the world be a better place if we thought outside the box? I am Faith, and I think radically."

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