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Gloria Njoki

Executive Director, Deaf Outreach Program

Bold Question: What if all deaf learners had access to curriculum content delivered in sign language?

Pathway to Metis: Ann Gloria Njoki firmly believes in continuous learning and unlearning.  She is a passionate and gifted community leader with a track record of developing community solutions, particularly in the disability space; and. She has a strong interest in the arts, inclusive education, reproductive justice, and the intersection of religion and technology as tools for advocacy.

Her educational background is in community development and human rights, and she is the founder of the Deaf Outreach Program and Institute for Disability Training. Additionally, she has developed an iOS and Android SRHR - Sign language app and a Deaf Digital Library, which is a learning management software designed specifically for Deaf learners.

Ann Gloria Njoki is also the executive producer of sign language edutainment film productions such as City Girl and Silent Cry. She strongly believes in holistic education for community and personal change.

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