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Maxwell Fundi

Co-Founder, Edutab Africa

Bold Question: What if technology united us rather than divided us?

Path to Metis: Maxwell’s first interaction with a computer at the age of 15 in high school ignited a fire inside him that would shape his future career path. He fell in love with the technology and this love would grow into a passion that compelled him to pursue Computer Science at the university and shape his current career as a software developer and championing educational technology initiatives at Edutab Africa.

It is during his undergraduate that he served as both Google Students Ambassador and Intel Student Partner from 2014-2016. These roles championed his journey into leadership within the University. Part of his work was acting as a liaison between Maseno University, Google and Intel. This included mobilizing students for and running tech training on different tech platforms. He also participated in the Computer Science for High Schools Program by Google to teach high school students how to develop mobile applications and various digital skills.

Maxwell then worked at the African Maths Initiative (AMI 2016 - 2019) as the lead software developer for different open-source projects including an open-source statistical package, R-Instat meant to improve statistical literacy. Additionally, He worked to support the use of technology in the educational initiatives within AMI in western Kenya. Over a period of four years, he continually grew a passion for education because of the impact of these projects.

He became more aware of the disparities in the education sector and grew a huge passion for bettering it. While at AMI, he participated and led a team of local and international volunteers to run an annual event - The Annual Maths Camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, which is meant to impart critical thinking, creativity, collaboration skills through fun Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) activities.

Following this experience and passion for technology in education, he co-founded Edutab Africa a social enterprise with a mission to transform teaching and learning using technology and innovative learning approaches. With the impacts of COVID-19 Edutab Africa has been implementing virtual programming sessions for young people above 8 years, as well as working with different learning institutions to take their teaching and learning online using various learning management systems.

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Maxwell Fundi
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