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Rukia Sebit

Co-Founder & Executive Director, The Sunflower Trust

Bold Idea: Support existing schools to invest in girls education and leadership through after-school programming, and fight for institutional and policy change to create a more equitable and peaceful world.

Path to Metis: Rukia was born and raised in Kibera, Nairobi. She is a change maker who believes in improving lives of the economically disadvantaged by providing literacy among children. She has worked with youth from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to promote youth employment within the ICT sector. Being the team player that she is, Rukia has risen to different positions in various organizations working in education.

As a leader she instigated the founding of Zanzibits, a Zanzibar based technology program, as well as Kampabits, in Kampala. She is passionate about using technology as a force for social change, empowerment, literacy and the education of young women and girls. Rukia is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Sunflower Trust, an organization that works with vulnerable girls to improve their literacy levels.

Rukia has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Human Resources. She was a beneficiary of Nairobits Trust, a technology training program for underprivileged youth which gave her the skills she needed to successfully assist in running Nairobits for 10 years.

More About Rukia: LinkedIn Profile

Rukia Sebit
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