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Peter Muasya

Economic Empowerment Manager,Jitegemee Childrens Program

Bold Idea: How might we help vulnerable youth earn a living wage?

Path to Metis: The challenges Peter faced as a street child, such as difficulty finding food or accessing education, fuels his passion for helping vulnerable youth improve their lives. Peter believes that education is a vehicle that unlocks opportunities for vulnerable and marginalized communities and that no-one in this world should be deprived of a chance to achieve their life dreams because of their unfortunate family circumstances. He is currently the Economic Empowerment Manager of Jitegemee Children’s Program, a community-based organization in Machakos that offers vulnerable youth support in vocational skills training, entrepreneurial training and formal educational support, including school fees, textbooks, shoes and school uniforms.

Peter is leading an initiative in Jitegemee to establish a youth development hub that will create opportunities for young people to learn 21st century digital skills, entrepreneurship, and job readiness.

Peter Muasya is an Economics graduate from the University of Nairobi. He is currently enrolled in an online Micro Masters Program at MIT where he is taking Data in Economics and Development Policy.

Peter Muasya
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