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Faith Muisyo

Programs Director, Dignitas Limited

Bold Question: What if teachers were equipped to support literacy and numeracy for early years learners?

Pathway to Metis: Faith Muisyo has witnessed first-hand the manifestation of the learning crisis which is what gravitated her to the education sector, believing that she has something meaningful to

contribute towards improving access to education for the underprivileged. Faith brings with her a wealth of expertise in designing, leading, and managing programs across countries and multi-sectoral humanitarian and development contexts.

In her present capacity as Programs Director at Dignitas, she offers support across all Dignitas programs, ensuring Dignitas’ impact in all the work that the team pursues. She also advocates and partners with the government and other stakeholders to ensure children’s voices are heard. She brings on board diverse experience working for small to large not-for-profit organizations at national, regional, and international levels, delivering quality, in the implementation and management of teams and programs that build and sustain trusted partnerships.

Faith’s leadership philosophy fosters a growth mindset, encouraging continuous learning while being dynamic to embrace change. She believes in lifelong learning and actively seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills in different domains. In her many years of work, Faith's keen sense of social justice drew her to the Metis fellowship which offers an opportunity to collaborate for equitable society by innovating solutions that address teacher capacities needed to contribute to learners’ improvements in foundational skills. She strongly believes that children cannot progress in their learning without mastering the basics first thus the significance of focusing on foundational literacy as a crucial building block to lifelong learning. Faith holds an MSc. Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Beckett University (UK) and is an alumna of Vital Voices Leadership (USA).

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