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Peter Macharia

Head Of School At Africa Digital Media Institute (Admi)

Bold Question: What if online learning was energizing instead of boring?

Path to Metis: Dispassionate, unengaged and uncaring was Peter’s first impression of teachers teaching at primary school. Many teachers seemed interested only in top-performing students with the slow learners left without support. This observation remained true in high school and even at University. However, one teacher’s caring attitude and obvious interest in him turned him around from a ‘good for nothing boy’ to one of the best students in the school in his time.

This experience gave Peter a desire to teach and have a similar influence on students and later work with teachers to build their capacity on how they can positively impact students’ life in the course of teaching. Armed with an education degree from Kenyatta University, Peter first went to teach at the high school level before moving on to teach at a college. With passion and caring attitude for his students, Peter quickly realized it was possible to transform under-performing students to A students in no time. The challenge was how he could pass on this discovery to his colleagues.

A promotion to head one of the campuses gave him the opportunity where he could directly influence his teaching staff. Excellent results were quickly evident with his teachers being ranked the best in internal institutional competition and a few years down the line he was promoted to a dean in charge of people and products development. This meant all teachers in the organization would pass through his hands for a Training of Trainers (ToT) and he would have a critical influence in the development of training materials. Currently, Peter is the principal at Africa Digital Media Institute(ADMI) with a direct influence on the teaching methodology of the teachers.

He holds a strong belief that every student given the right classroom environment can succeed. He believes a teacher’s approach to teaching and attitude towards students plays a very critical role in students’ success. He is a passionate trainer, coach and mentor with many years of senior management experience. He is currently a finalist PhD candidate at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

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Peter Macharia
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